23 KW DG Set

23/25 kW Diesel Generator Set 
( 110 / 220 / 440 volts, 1500 / 1800 rpm, 50 / 60 Hz ) - Total weight 1980 lbs
Available in 2 / 3 / 4 wire system

Price: 1,30,000/- 4500 $ FOB Mumbai India + 10% delivery at California/New Jersey
( For Container Load Only) 
Our Diesel Generator Sets consist of alternators manufactured by ELMO brand manufactured by NATIONAL ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIES India coupled to three cylinder engine developing 40 HP at 1800 RPM with bedplate weighing 200 Kg Same Greaves make, having four wheels to maneuver the Diesel Generator Sets for transportation with Radiator Autostart / push button stop (solenoid system), Water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, radiator, coupling and coupling guard and lift pump, RPM indicator and Hour meter.

Electrical Control Panel

A control panel board having a shape of desk with voltmeter, voltmeter selector switch, ammeter, ammeter selector switch, frequency meter also housing AVR in automatic voltage regulator and circuit breaker for overload and short circuit protection breaker with fuses etc. mounted on wheels is given along with Diesel Generator Sets WITHOUT EXTRA COST.

Note 1: No extra accessories is required, only 2 wires for battery and 3 or 4 wires for output is required for users. No foundation is required if antivibration pads are used. 23/25 kW weights 1980 lbs. approx. heaviest in the world. Diesels consumption 170 grams / bhp per hour.

Note 2: We give 1 year spares free of cost like gaskets, cylinder liner, piston, MICO pumps, plungers, spanner sets, wire breaded pipes etc. Normally required in utmost use as such these Diesel Generator Sets are required to use in the remotest of the remote part of the world.

To look after the noise level we offer silencer nearly of the height of engine creating no backpressure and sound level is lowest in the world.

Note 3: If any other optional accessories are required you may contact us. We offer accessories like LUCAS starter and battery alternators. Fuel injection system MICO. All components are worldwide available.