BLDC / AC Servo Drive - From 0 to 6 KW

Microchip , Texas instruments, STMicroelectronics, the pioneer Chip ie. IC manufacturers of this world have developed tools to design and manufacture controls, they provide hardware and software technology to manufacture controls. Further, the same hardware is used to operate AC motors, BLDC motors and BLAC motors also called the AC Servo drives. The only thing which is to be changed is the software for the 3 motors using same IC.

Microchip IC 6010 DSC based control card to operate motor up to 6 KW is designed by us on the basis of their hardware and software technology provided, the Graphic Interface (GUI) provided by them to operate motors is shown hereunder. The end user is always in position to notify and change every parameters of the motors using this GUI graphical interface.

Technical Parameters of Microchip

Microchip hardware and software technology provides high standard of fault detection ie. Back EMF tripping, over current and over voltage tripping, over temperature tripping, and even noise level tripping. All these parameters give all the protection needed for control and power card. Further unlike DRIVES AND CONTROLS available from China / Taiwan, all the components can be available on internet and from the 14 offices of dealers of Microchip Inc. company across India.

Unlike presently sold Taiwanese drives and controls of 6 to 7 layers PCB or called USE AND THROW TECHNOLOGY, our above mentioned US based and EUROPEAN based technology is more reliable and we provide this technology free to our clients using our motor with the list of components and gerber file to manufacture the controls on their own. We also provide a test bench to load the drive on our motor up to 6 KW. Further this 2 layered PCB of size 7 7 inches is repairable and one can even stock an another control card at the price of 30% of Taiwanese drives.

Further the software of these chips or ICs is also available from us to the machines manufacturers to suit their needs and program accordingly his system.

Motor Control Board on St Microelectronics

STMicroelectronics is a multinational Swiss IC and power electronics Co. which provides hardware and software tools to manufacture controls, we have developed up to 5KW/6KW controls on their design. A very sturdy design with graphic interface shown below for all three system AC motors, BLDC motor, BLAC motors or AC servo motors.

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